Collection: Aura

To your vibrant aura, that exudes life and persona!

Don't you think that women and winter have a touch of similarity? The way two are fierce, rough around the edges (at times!), and yet create and nurture life within them. Both of them fight to strike a balance in nature. Both house a gigantic amount of strength within. And that has  inspired our recent endeavor!

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Etehas women coord set

Winter is a season of seeking warmth, confronting the nipping chill in the air, where we all face it everyday and work tirelessly in being the #etehasmaker. If it weren't for everyday courage, our progress would remain undermined. And to that, Etehas plans to take your load off by bringing the power in your persona, the charismatic Aura you emanate when stepping out in the bold winters, more boldly. 

 AURA, our Women’s Winter Collection, is designed with a touch of love, comfort, power and a sense of personifying your domineering style. Our power suits are a perfect winter attire, made with sustainable wool, and for all the official work you take up. 


Mix and match, and make your own style with skirts, jeans, pullover, or anything in between that defines your style.

Etehas always aims at being the platform to alleviate what you bring to the world. Celebrating your intrinsic aura of dynamic go-getter, our collection is a tribute to you. Become a part of the Etehas, and make the difference that the world needs.