An Etehas Woman makes history every day by being herself, unapologetically. #makeetehas

We hear WOMEN, and there are so many images we perceive of her. An intrepid explorer, a valiant entrepreneur, a courteous host, a doting mother, a loving partner, and so much more that the world has to offer. They know their worth and don’t fail to embrace and pass it on to people around them. Women are the epitome of mental & physical strength, a contributor in every niche of life, that should be boldly acknowledged and supported.


Here, at Etehas, we pledge to celebrate you, to be your backbone, to reflect your confidence. You worry about all the hills to conquer, Etehas will look after your style. Our intent is to drive a movement that is of the women, for the women and by the women.

A movement of change makers,

A movement of go-getters,

A movement of setting examples.

A movement to which we feel honoured to be a part of !!


Let us lend our hands to help you empower your lives and lives of women who make your life what it is. Our products, which are ethically handcrafted by Indian artisans, are elegant for any occasion and AM to PM wear. Cotton grown sustainably, lets your skin breathe, as well as it is in peace with nature.       

Written by: Saumya Singh