Our cotton is breathable and gentle on skin.
One of the things we are very mindful about, at Etehas is the fabrics that we pick up. The carefully selected materials are organic, sustainable, recyclable and chosen with compassion and care towards the environment, and you and me.

 All our cotton is organic, recycled or sourced through sustainable ways, and we are committed to making it even more sustainable.

 etehas cotton

Cotton fiber is the purest source of cellulose and the most significant natural fiber.

Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It relies on natural seeds and pest control techniques, besides contributing to lesser water consumption. Apart from that, it also prevents the organic cotton farmers from losing their livelihood, which is a major contributing factor to one cotton farmer committing suicide in every 30 minutes in India

Grown In: Uttar Pradesh 



Handloom cotton also known as khaddar or khadi is a natural fibre fabric , woven from cotton. It is hand-woven on a spinning wheel, popularly called a charkha.

etehas organic cotton

Handloom cotton adapts easily to the body from season to season keeping thebody cool in summers and warm in winters.

A symbol of India’s freedom movement, this fabric is organic and leaves zero carbon footprint. This fabric is also a means of livelihood and independence to the 70% of the khadi artisans who are women, living in difficult economic conditions.

  • Recycled cotton

 As Recycled cotton is made from textile remnants in production, or from post-consumer textile waste from collected garments.

Etehas recycled cotton

These are mechanically recycled, ground into fibres, spun into new yarns and made into new fabrics. Technical challenges usually don’t allow for more than 20-30% of recycled cotton from post-consumer waste to be woven into fabrics without quality loss — much depends on the waste source and style.

"We produce responsible for a better future for all"