Our Story

Etehas is a sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand where modernity meets heritage.

It breathes an air of exquisite freshness into the rich legacy of time-honored sustainable fabrics and handicrafts, resulting in a renaissance collection of timeless essentials that elevate modern living. 

We make choices,
Our choices make history

Make history, the right way.

Our Journey

Etehas began in 2020, aimed towards reviving sustainable fashion materials, a zero-carbon footprint Indian fabric.

Etehas goes further with this vision of sustainability. Embracing a broader palette of natural fabrics and indigenous textile techniques, we create modern essentials to adorn the lives of today’s conscious individuals who believe in a better tomorrow for nature and humanity.

Our Mission

Etehas will help you make better choices for everyday living that add up towards building a better future for all.

We promise to become even more sustainable.